There have been restrictions on physical visits to the Orphanages in Tijuana. We continue to provide support to Casa Hogar with food, clothing and donated Items delivered to staff near the orphanage. We do this with the support of the orphanages and maintain safe distance while we deliver donations to ensure everyone is safe. Since the pandemic, our ability to support the kids has been impacted,  we have figured out other ways to  fundraise and support our kids. During these difficult times, we are grateful to count on your support to ensure our kids have their basic needs met and know that even in uncertain times, they know that they matter and they feel safe and cared for.


  • Make a direct one-time donation today on our Donation page.
  • Share your birthday or special occasion with the kids – create a fundraiser on Facebook and ask network to donate to Branded By Compassion.   From your Facebook page, select “Fundraiser” from the menu, select Branded By Compassion, and start your fundraiser!

We appreciate any support and donation you are able to provide to Branded By Compassion.